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    Red rover, red rover, let Tyler roll on over

    To date, Tyler has rolled over 4 times. I, of course, am the typical "proud daddy". Look what my boy can do. Isn't he advanced for his age? He's just progressing so quickly. I know, I make myself sick, too.

    Sarah, on the other hand, does not share my happiness. She keeps saying that he's too young and blah blah. Deep down, I feel the same. I feel like I'm going to come home from work tomorrow, and he's going to open the door and be standing on the porch to greet me. Of all the fears that a parent has, how can I even have time to have that fear?

    Speaking of work, I'm back at it this week. On one hand, it's nice to be out of the house. The 2 weeks that I was at home, I rarely left the house. So, it's nice to be out... BUT... It's very hard to leave in the mornings. I miss my son and my wife tremendously. If anyone here wants to sponsor my retirement, please send me an email.

    The last 2 days have been especially busy for me. Let me back up a second....

    I have a 2002 Alero. It looks a lot like a Pontiac Grand Prix, for those of you not up on your Oldsmobile models. I'm here to tell you that the Olds Alero was not made for car seats. Sure, it has the latches, and the base fits in just fine. Putting the actual seat (with baby) in, is a chore. You can't just crouch in there and put it in. The short, low profile of the car hinders any such maneuverability. Instead, you have to reach in but your head is still outside the car, and you're looking across the roof. You set the carseat on the base, facing you. Then, you can crouch your head in to look at the mess. Once you get your head and upper body in the car, you have to lift the carseat up, again, and rotate it 90 degrees so he's facing the rear.... THEN you can lock it in place. Getting the carseat back out.... not any easier.

    Needless to say, Tyler doesn't exactly sleep through this ordeal.

    Sarah has a 2002 Chevy Blazer. There is PLENTY of room for the carseat, and it'd be so much easier getting it in, for obvious reasons that I won't delve into. Problem is, her Blazer hasn't ran in about a year.

    When we moved down here, I got a company vehicle, and Sarah started driving my car because it gets better gas mileage. When winter rolled around, I tried to start her truck, it wouldn't start. After a lot of troubleshooting and research, I changed the fuel pump ($300ish). The truck started and ran.... for about a week, then it went back to it's previous state of not starting. I was defeated and it just wasn't a priority. She had my car, I had my company car, and I had a motorcycle... the Blazer didn't HAVE to run right now.

    The arrival of Tyler has made us rethink some of our priorities. I vowed to get Sarah's Blazer running this week. All roads were leading to it having a faulty ignition switch.

    Which brings me back to the last two days being especially busy. I tore the steering column apart on her blazer and swapped the ignition switch and wiring harness out for a good one... NOTHING!!! After some more talking with a guy at AutoZone, he said the engine was flooded. I got home and just kept cranking on the engine. Finally, it started!!!! So, yesterday, I ended up being away from Sarah and Tyler for about 13 hours.

    Today, after work, I needed to put the Blazer back together. Well... the ratcheting switch mechanism for the hazard lights was damaged. So, no hazards and no turn signals. This part is a dealer only part, so I had to run up to the Chevy dealer and spend $18 for a new one. I was pleasantly surprised, because I expected them to charge me about $50, because that's what dealers do, right?

    So, I got it all back together and decided to change the spark plugs, for good measure, as the old ones (although only 6 months old) were black from the engine flooding and no spark being delivered as a result of the faulty ignition switch. Can you tell how fun this project has been?

    After the plugs were changed, I fired her up again... SHE'S ALIVE!!! I took it for a test drive, and she's running as if she were brand new still. I'm very happy... BUT.... this made a second day of me being away from Sarah and Tyler for another 13 hours.

    Here's to hoping that today will be better...

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