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    And for my next trick...

    Hey there, you cute couple. You look like you've really got it together. 2 cars, a house, a happy marriage, date night, blah blah blah. Oh guess what? You're pregnant now. But you've still got it all together. You've still got date night, you're still happy. Now you've got projects! Build a crib, paint a room, put plastic things in all your plugs. Oh, and you get to go to classes to prepare you for labor. Oh, labor's here. This will be a piece of cake too, because you're prepared. Breathe, relax, breathe, relax. Well... it wasn't quite what you expected, but the 2 of you did great. Good...

    Because all hell is about to break loose.

    Tyler is definitely not a "one trick pony". He is a master of many things. Thankfully, he's easing us into all the different things he could do. On day one, he just layed there, being a baby for us to admire. On day two, he learned to cry. Very nice. Then, he learned to pee on daddy. Then, he learned to poop on mommy. Then he learned to let loose some very loud farts.

    Today.... he showed us that he can spit up. Spit up... what a stupid term. It doesn't even begin to define what the boy can do. Tyler, it seems, can double as a super soaker gun, if you don't mind milk and stomach acid as the fluid inside the weapon. He seemed to be so happy with his newly discovered skill, that he wanted to make sure to show us a few different times today.

    He gave us a double whammy today, though. Let me say, firstly, that Tyler was "trying" to lift his head not 24 hours after being born. Anyway, I was reading online today. I think I was at babycenter, and the article was talking about milestones and some other crap that I didn't care about at the time. Well, it said that we need to make sure that Ty gets "tummy time" when he's awake, so that he can learn to (better) lift his head, and eventually get on all 4's and start rocking, then start crawling, then start walking, driving, dating, graduating college. The article didn't say ALL that, but my mind wanders sometimes.

    So... I put Tyler on his tummy. He liked it. He seemed to like it a lot. About 5 minutes later, Sarah gasps. I looked over at Ty, and the little man had rolled onto his side and over onto his back.

    Slow down!! He shouldn't be doing this so early, should he? Well, maybe it was a fluke. I flipped him back onto his belly, and I'll be darned if the boy didn't do it again. He grunted, and struggled, and even cried for a minute, but he got himself rolled over. He can lift his head up too. And, he is pretty good at balancing his head when I hold him in a sitting up position.

    As a final topic/note... Sarah claims to have Spiderman's "Spider Sense". Earlier today, Sarah said that Tyler would be waking up very shortly because her boobs were tingling. Later on, she said that Tyler needed to eat, because her boobs were tingling. She was right in both instances. Don't get me wrong, I've always suspected that womens' breasts had certain magical properties, but I never knew the extent of said power.

    She never mentioned Spiderman, but I'm a nerd and it was the first thought that came to my mind. I swear to God, I will be so upset if she ends up being a super-hero, and I am the normal "romantic interest", the only person that knows the true identity of BoobGirl.


    Joanna said...

    Hmm... have you had a poop/pee/spit up combination during a diaper change yet? Which end do you clean first? If you don't put your hand in the sterile stream, how far does he make it?

    Congratulations on your little wiggler! You know that rolling over now means you've got to watch him even closer!

    hollystar said...

    oh noes! you have a mover on your hands too! you're in for a few months of little tyler being very pissed off at not being able to move.

    the boob thing is totally true! my boobs STILL hurt when i hear a newborn cry (the cry changes as they get older) and i havent pumped in 14months or so... (i pumped for 8months instead of breastfeeding thanks to a lame latch problem)

    milestones were very emotional for me. go figure, my "baby" is "growing up". for some reason, going up a size in diapers always made me sad.

    i'm stoked you're having such a good 1st time parent experience and documenting it. (yes, this is what i would call a good experience.) keep it up, i promise you'll be happy you did later on!!!

    Joe said...

    The funny thing about diapers... Ty was born already kinda too big for newborn sized diapers.... That's what made me sad, because we already had a bunch of newborn dipes at home.

    We "forced" him to fit. They were tight, but he went through them pretty quickly.

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