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    baba black sheep

    Sarah is going to a Dave Matthews Band concert in Indianapolis on Saturday. It's not really the environment to bring a (wow, he's going to be 4 weeks already) baby to. Since I am not going to the concert - wasn't invited, apparently, it's a girls only thing - I get to stay at home with my son. Don't get me wrong though, I'm certainly not complaining. I can't exactly say that I'm looking forward to it. There's nothing special about it. I can hold him and play with him any time I want to, so it's just going to be more of the same, ya know?

    The big difference is that Sarah's boobs will not be here to administer feedings to our little man. Sarah's been able to pump since about week 2 (which is uncommon, apparently), and has been doing so. A few days ago, she says to me that we need to do a test run with the bottle before she leaves me for an entire day with ONLY bottles to deal with. I asked her "have you seen your son eat?" I mean, c'mon here. The boy likes his milk, and I am positive that he'll take it from whatever source is offered to him.

    Sarah still had her doubts. Well, the time came -two days ago, I believe - that Tyler was hungry wasting-away-starving and Sarah had just pumped. The tanks were empty, man. So, Sarah got a baba prepared. I was holding Tyler and asking him if he was interested in a bottle. He said "bring me whatever you've got". Sarah gave me the bottle then ran into the other room for about 5 seconds. When she came back Tyler was chugging away on the artificial boob.

    He did look slightly confused though. I'm sure he never expected to be looking into my eyes while feeding. At the very onset, he wanted nothing to do with the rubber nipple. He's not a fan of the pacifier, so this didn't surprise me. I squeezed the bottle a bit and made two drops of milk fall from it and into his mouth. The word "lunge" comes to mind when I try to think of how to express his desire for more. He couldn't get his mouth on the nipple fast enough.

    I couldn't help but think of the typical drug fiend, who will do anything for their "fix". Tyler, in an instant, was able to push from his mind the bonding experience of natural breastfeeding, and thought only of his "fix".

    In that moment, nothing existed except his nursies and the rubber nipple from which it came. Any doubts that Sarah had dissolved away.


    Joanna said...

    While that moment is reassuring that your baby will be able to eat with Mom away, it also sucked (as Mom) to witness it. It's a real challenge to accept that other people can mother your baby too! At least for me it was!

    Just dropping by to let you know about Mom Squad - not sure if you have heard of it or if Sarah would be interested, but it's a group of (SAH) Moms who get together to get out of the house, socialize children and communicate. Park trips, field trips, guest speakers, that kinda thing. They do park trips on Friday mornings in the summer, and I'm going this week. Lemme know if you guys want more info!

    Joe said...

    Definitely would like more info. Sarah perked up when I mentioned it to her.

    Joanna said...

    Btw - I emailed the address on your profile with the info.

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