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    na na boo. goo goo gah gah

    Today, Tyler was looking directly into my eyes. He really seemed to recognize me. He was completely wide-eyed, and fully alert - unlike the photo here. It's a very special thing to experience. I won't try to explain it here, because I know I won't be able to do it any justice. Suffice it to say, it is very, very awesome.

    Tyler is also starting to make sounds. This is aside from his typical screaming when he wants something.

    There are a few "schools of thought" with regards of how one should speak to babies. Some people prefer to keep things as simple as possible. "Mommy love Tyler", "Tyler hungry? Tyler want nursey?".

    Then there are those that say to speak to your child as if you would speak to anyone "Mommy loves you, Tyler", "Tyler, are you hungry? Do you want to eat?".

    Sarah and I belong to the latter. We speak to Tyler in full, grammatically correct sentences. I don't want him to learn poor grammar, then have to relearn the correct way to speak. Just like learning a foreign language. The BEST way to do so is to immerse yourself in it. That's what we're doing. We're immersing Tyler in it.

    Did I digress? Yeah, I think I did.... so... back on track, Tyler is making sounds. It's friggin adorable! We've heard him scream lots of times, but now we actually get to hear a voice. A voice the belongs to my son!

    He says "ooooo" and "ung-a". Of course, Sarah and I started speculating on what he's trying to say to us.

    I told her that it couldn't be more obvious. They boy weighed in at 11 pounds 5 ounces at his 2 week appointment. He's likely to be over 12 pounds. Heck, I guarantee it. He couldn't possibly be saying anything other than "hungry".

    Ung-a... hungry. It's not much of a stretch to make that connection.

    Of course, we both know that it's just nonsense right now, but there's no denying the fact that his daddy is a borderline genious. Maybe, maybe little Tyler will be the next Einstein.

    Seconds after I have this thought, Tyler cracks a smile... then farts. Yup, he is his father's son.


    A Free Man said...

    We definitely opt for the proper English approach for Baby Z. Problem is that often involves some, er, colorful language. Let's hope Z's first words aren't R rated.

    Joanna said...

    The first days of a voice are absolutely wonderful. I never get tired of it! Not even when he's yelling at me. We also use proper English, but we do mix longer sentences with shorter ones. And, of course, rhyming.

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