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    The fix

    I got to see my wife and my baby today!! I went to South Bend, Indiana today to help out another service rep for the day. South Bend is only about a half hour from St. Joe, Michigan - which is where Sarah is. So, I capitalized on the situation and went up there.

    Now that I've gotten that out, let's back up just a bit. I don't call Sarah when she's doing her "girls week". I let her call me when she has time. She's up there to relax and hang with the girls, so I stay out of the way. Sarah calls me once in the morning to say hi, and once in the evening for goodnights. Now, if I end up going to bed before her, I do give her a ring and leave a voicemail saying goodnight.

    Everytime we talk, I tell her to give TyTy kisses for me and to tell him I love him. Sarah tells me that she and Tyler miss me. Yesterday, she was holding Tyler when I told her to give him kisses. She did and I heard her say they were from me. She told me that Tyler started smiling. Awwwww.....

    Ok, so I get there today and scoop Tyler up from his Aunt Jenny. In the two hours that I was there, Tyler peed through his dipe and onto me, and he spit-up - PAST the burp cloth - onto me... TWO TIMES. I'd love to say that he was happy to see me, but it wasn't exactly a warm reception.

    I got to see a couple really cute pictures also. I can't wait to get the camera home, so I can check them all out and get them uploaded to show them off.

    And I'm sure I'm just being crazy here. I mean, afterall, they've only been gone 5 days. I swear that he has doubled in size. He's a beast. I really wish I could take Tyler from Sarah for a week so she can see the hell I'm going through.

    Oh, and I've got friggin poison ivy on my upper right arm now. What the heck man? I was wearing a long sleeve shirt. I've GOT to get the rest of these bushes down so I can be done with it.


    hollystar said...

    seriously, i have a hard time being away from our tyler for all of 4hours. i guess that would change if i ever HAD to be away from him for a long time, but, as a SAHM and primary care giver, i do not.

    dont get me wrong, when i am away, i survive and can even enjoy my freedom, but my mind wonders to him a lot and my heart aches a little. i'm a big ol' pussy though.

    dude, hire some day help to clear those bushes out!

    Joanna said...

    awesome hat

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