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    My wife is the enemy too!

    Today, Sarah thought she was ready to go for a walk. So, we tried. Let me explain our travel system first. There is a car seat. There is a "base" to this car seat in the car. So, I can strap Ty in the car seat while we're still in the house. Once at the car, I drop it into the base, and it locks itself in. Well, our stroller also works with the car seat. Drop it on, and you're locked.

    I strapped Ty in the car seat. I took the stroller outside (without Ty in it yet). As I unfolded it, I saw our neighbor outside on a porch swing type-of-thing. Her back was to me. The last thing I wanted was to be bothered, so I worked as quietly as I could, unfolding the stroller. I ran back in the house and told Sarah to be very quiet, so as to not draw attention our way. She was more than happy to do so.

    After I got Ty in the stroller, we started walking down the street. About 50 foot from the house, Ty started acting a little fussy. No crying or anything, but it looked like he was on the verge of doing so. Sarah says that it had been 2 hours since his last meal, and he was probably hungry. I asked, as politely as I could, why she hadn't fed him before we embarked on our journey.

    "Because I didn't want to create any... issues with anyone", was her reply.

    "Anyone" could only be one of two people. Me, or Tyler. At first glance, most would say that Sarah didn't want to disturb Ty, since he was already strapped in. Well, I'm here to tell you that you'd be wrong in thinking that.

    See, yesterday, before heading to Coldwater, I had Ty strapped in his car seat, on the living room floor. He started crying. Sarah asked if she should feed him. I was frustrated that the idea hadn't been mentioned before I strapped him in, so I told Sarah he'd be ok. Well, he decided to cry louder. Sarah asked again if she should feed him. I said "if you think you should feed him, then feed him". The problem is, I didn't exactly say it with the I-love-you-to-pieces tone of voice that I probably should have used. There was a little tension in the room as I unstrapped him and handed him off to Sarah. We quickly let it go.

    Back to today... what Sarah was obviously saying was "I didn't want you to throw a fit about unstrapping him, Joe".

    Sarah's so much more tactful than me, eh? She had me... she won the battle. I never saw it coming. She didn't say a word yesterday when I gave her attitude. Instead, she waited for her opportunity to strike, and I didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of having any type of retort.

    Sneaky little girl...

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