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    Life Lessons

    I was on the computer this morning, catching up on news and my other daily websites. There are about 5 websites that I visit every day (usually multiple times per day), to get caught up on news, gossip, email, and some of my forums. I'm pretty sure that I was playing around on SmugMug today, when I heard Sarah say:

    "Well, if you want the boob, you're gonna have to stay awake."

    Much like the bat signal, the dad signal went off. My super powers were needed, immediately. With nary a delay, I left the computer, walked from the computer room, and headed directly towards Tyler, who was on his mother's lap. I whispered in his ear:

    "Son, if a hot woman puts her boob in your face, you never, never, turn it down. Life lesson number 2."

    I turned to go, and Sarah inquired, "What's number 1?"

    I replied, "None of your business."

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