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    Happy Halloween

    This is Part 1 of a 2 part Halloween post.

    Sarah and I had an arguement on what we would be doing for Halloween this year. My thoughts were that we'd hang out at home, as a family, and hide from all the trick-or-treaters. We could watch a movie, read books, play on the internet, and ignore all the kids that would inevitably pound on our door. Sarah wanted to dress Tyler up and go trick-or-treating.

    "He's only 4 months old. He's too young, and wouldn't remember it anyway.", I said.

    I can't remember EXACTLY what Sarah replied with, but it translated to "Too bad what you want, idiot."

    So, I found a monkey costume and picked it up. A week later, Sarah found a Superman costume and picked it up. The monkey costume was kinda dumb anyway. I only bought it because that's all they had. Anyway, a week ago, we did a test fitting on the Superman costume:

    Perfect.... then we decided that we're going to bring Delilah with us for Trick-or-Treating. So, Sarah picks up some red fabric and some yellow acrylic paint to make a Superdog cape for Delilah:

    We didn't do the traditional Trick-or-Treating. There is something called "Trunk or Treat" up in Coldwater, Michigan that we went to. We met up with Sarah's parents, her sister Allison, her other sister Jillian, and Jillian's daughters, Lexi and Paige. Lexi dressed up as Elmo, and Paige was a princess. At the end of the night, Lexi was a grumpy Elmo, and Paige was a grumpy princess. How it works is, a bunch of people (from Sarah's dad's church) fill up the parking lot with games and do trick-or-treating from the trunks of their cars. All in all, it was a very good time.

    Delilah got a lot of attention as "Superdog" here's a pic of a bunch of people looking at her when we got there:

    Tyler held onto his pail for a little bit, while he was flying around as Superman (with Allison):

    After being there for a few minutes, it became evident that bringing the stroller with us was a mistake. I offered to take it back to the car while the rest of them walked around. When I came back, I had to do that thing where you try to act like you know where you're going, even though you have no idea where you're going. Sarah was whistling for me, and I was trying to find her, but I just had no idea where the sound was coming from. So, I'm walking around, trying to play it off to the crowd that I know where I'm going, but having no idea where I'm going, and I'm getting frustrated that Sarah can see me but I can't see her. I finally spot her and her dad in the line to get cotton candy. Free cotton candy. Sarah's dad, who has opted to be known as "papa" to Tyler, was holding Tyler. Well, Tyler decides that he would also like to have a taste of this strange, pink, cottony goodness. He waited until nobody was looking and grabbed a HANDFUL of cotton candy from papa!

    Tyler's hands were already wet from having been sucking on them earlier. As such, there was nothing I could do. Once he got a handful of cotton candy, it was essentially superglued to his digits. It wouldn't have mattered anyway, because he had his hand in his mouth before any of us had a chance to react. So, I instead snapped off a picture:

    At 7pm, we had to head inside the building, because they were raffling off some bicycles. Cousin Lexi had recently had some cotton candy and looked like this (soon to be grumpy-overtired-Elmo):

    Tyler, on the other hand, looked like this by 7:15pm:

    You can view the entire Halloween gallery here:
    Tyler's First Halloween

    Part 2 of this post will be detailing our trip to a pumpkin patch a couple weeks ago.


    anymommy said...

    What a cutie. I love those early months when you can wear them out and they sleep in the stroller and you can actually talk to people!

    A Free Man said...

    OK, I'm not much of a Halloween guy, but that is a cute Superbaby!

    Joanna said...

    Great costumes for both! And wonderful job by Sarah on the cape logo.

    Not Afraid to Use It said...

    I think trunk-or-treats are pretty cool. I wish they did more around here. And LOVE the painting of the cape. VERY creative.

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