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    1 day, 1 month, 2 months...

    Here's the story.... Sarah is out of town and she's got the camera with her. So, I can't tag and upload the pictures of Tyler at the pumpkin patch. Since I've got no photos to back it up, I can't blog about it.

    Here's more of the story... Sarah is out of town and she's got the CD that has some of the most awesome pictures of Tyler, EVER. So, I can't tag and upload them. So I can't blog about that either.

    Here's even more of the story... I've been waiting to post some photos. These are the photos that we got taken of Tyler at the studio for his "One day old", "One month old", and "Two months old" birthdays. I've been waiting for Sarah to mail them out to family before unleashing them upon the world, but I'm tired of waiting for it to happen, so I'm going to post an overload of cuteness.

    Cuteness attack, BEGIN!!!

    One Day Old:

    One Month Old:

    Two Months Old: This first picture is the picture we entered for the Cutest Baby Contest, that he SOMEHOW lost

    Tyler's Three-Month-Old pictures are already taken. They just haven't been picked up yet. That's happening today when he goes in for his Four Months Old pictures. I'll post them as I get 'em, folks.

    Cuteness Attack is complete.... for now...

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    Seriously Mama said...

    Adorable! Just wait until you start seeing two and three year old pictures and then look back at the one day, one month pictures. You will freak!

    That baby of yours is just too cute.

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