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    Does he need ALL his brain cells?

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    Why does it take a disaster before one realizes that it's probably time to "baby proof" their home?

    When I'm not using my laptop, I keep it stored safely under the couch in our living room. I've got the charger plugged in behind the couch and the cord run underneath it. I use this laptop for work, so it comes with me everyday.

    Sarah calls me a few days ago, to say good morning and ask what I'm doing that day, and how late I think I may be working.

    Sarah: "So, we definitely need to baby proof the house."
    Me: "Really? What happened?"

    Now, I'm expecting something mundane, like Tyler was close to the entertainment center and would soon be able to open the door where we keep the Xbox, or something like that.

    Sarah: "I laid Tyler on the floor, and went to the bathroom. When I came out, he had rotated 180 degrees and was facing the other direction."
    Me: "Yeah..."
    Sarah: "And he had your laptop cord in his mouth."
    Me: surprised "The cord, or the end of the cord?"
    Sarah: "The end. The part you plug into your laptop. You're going to have to find somewhere else to put it now that Tyler's moving around and grabbing stuff."
    Me: "Wow... yeah... definitely."
    Sarah: "Yeah, he was pissed when I took the cord out of his mouth. He started screaming at me when I did."
    Me: "Sarah, he probably screamed because he shocked the s**t out of himself."
    Sarah: "Oh my God! Joe!"

    There is the chance that Tyler was mad, and screamed because Sarah took the cord that he had recently laid claim to out of his mouth. It is a definite possibility, but I'm pretty certain that I inadvertently electrocuted my son. And what's it say about me, that I'm tempted to put it in my mouth also, just to see how it feels?


    Sarah said...

    Sign us up for parents of the year!

    A Free Man said...

    I'm pretty sure that we're born with twice the number of brain cells that we need. Wait til he starts walking, or more appropriately, falling. Zach has had blakc and blue patches all over his noggin since he took to two legs.

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