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    Sorry for my absence. Blame it on work, Tyler, Sarah, and FOOTBALL! That's right, ladies and gentlemen, my beloved Wolverines came away, sloppily, with a win. In the NFL, I was sad to see my Lions and my Colts lose, but Tom Brady's SEASON ENDING injury made everything good again.

    Last night, I was watching the Packers game (props to Aaron Rodgers, by the way) and Sarah was giving Tyler his bath. Well, she's in there laughing her ass off, and calls me to come "look at Tyler".

    Tyler takes his bath in a tiny plastic tub. We set that tub inside our tub. I walked in the bathroom and looked. What I saw left me speechless. After a few moments of staring, slack-jawed, all I could muster up was, "I'm getting the camcorder". Instead of trying to come up with a creative way to explain it, just watch:

    Splish splash, Tyler's thrashin' in the bath,
    I recorded it on Monday night.
    Rub-a-dub, then he pisses in the tub,
    It's sterile, so I guess it's alright.

    He was a splishin' and a splashin', peeing to the ceiling, movin' and a groovin', gigglin' and a wigglin', yeah.

    This may all just be a matter of perspective, but I thought it was friggin' hilarious!

    Also, because I was trying out some new video editing software (Sony Vegas), here's two more - short - videos of Tyler crying.

    Tyler wants his paci, NOW:

    Tyler needs his nursies:


    hollystar said...

    our tyler is sitting here blowing kisses and repeating "bye, bye buddy"


    i really dig how your tyler gets a super big frown right before he starts wailing. :)

    Mike said...

    DUDE!!! You are a football fan so you will appreciate what I am about to say...your little man is going to be a linebacker! He is gonna be a bruiser. Sign him up for Pop Warner now!

    Cute video, by the way!

    Joe said...

    Holly* - I never thought the highlight of my days would be watching Tyler do something goofy. It's strange.

    Mike - Believe me, I've got my fingers crossed. We actually were hoping for a smaller baby so that he could be a kicker or a punter for the NFL, you know, so less of a chance of injury.

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