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    I planned on downloading pictures off the camera today and getting them online. That will, apparently, not be happening. Sarah's sister is dealing with some health concerns, so Sarah and Tyler went up to visit and provide some love and support. Don't worry, folks, she'll be fine. She's just in a lot of pain. I say "just" as if it's no big deal, and I don't intend for that. She hurts, but she's not dying. Anyway, Sarah has the camera, so no pictures for you.

    The lack of a camera motivated me to load up the videos that are in the "Videos - Raw" folder of my computer, edit them, and re-save them in the "Videos" folder. A few days ago, Sarah took a vid of Tyler lying around and doing, well.... nothing really. It's 4 minutes long, and there's nothing really going on, but feel free to watch it if you've got some time to kill. I'm telling you though, he's just lying around. It's not nearly as exciting as Chris chasing battling geese or anything like that. I have also just realized that I'm not entirely sure when to use "lie", "lay", "laying", or "lying", as in "He's laying down" or "He's lying down". I found this online, but my brain is in lazy mode today, so I've bookmarked it for later use. I hate misspelling words, and I hate using the wrong words (they're, their, there - your, you're - to, too, two), so I'll get it figured out.

    I also spent some time getting the colors on my YouTube channel to match up with my BlogSpot, MySpace, and Twitter. I haven't delved into SmugMug yet, because I'd actually have to upgrade my account ($$) to be given the ability to customize it. Facebook doesn't allow that kind of stuff, so I've done just about all I can do to make my network mesh.

    We now have a freezer in the garage. It's bittersweet, really. See... I was really looking forward to building the automatic-thermostat-heater thing. I was slightly disheartened when I saw that I wasn't the first person to come up with the idea. It was made worse when I went to Sears (I know) and found a Kenmore for $179 that can be used in "unheated spaces". I bought it and felt a little empty on the inside. I really wanted to build that thing. I've been trying to think of another application it would work for, so that I can build it anyway.

    Lastly, I'd like to create an "About Me" page here at Blogspot/Blogger, but can't figure out how? Anyone here know how? My thought would be to just create a new post and link to that. I'm fine with that, but I'd like it to NOT show up on my listing of blog posts. Ugh... nvm


    Mike said...

    I was just having the same lie, lay, etc. dilemma they other day. And I used to teach high school English. No wonder our school systems are so bad.

    A Free Man said...

    I can see I'm going to have to keep working on my video editing skills or else you'll be kicking my ass in the best video competition.

    I was "battling" geese, not "chasing" them. Battling.

    Joe said...

    Mike, I'm still struggling with it. If you figure out a layman's way to explain it, I'm all ears.

    AFM... Windows Movie Maker, for the win! The hardest part of the whole process was getting that stupid text to sit in the lower right corner during the video. It seriously took about an hour and a half to do that. I never expected to have to write a bunch of XML just for some stupid text.

    I apologize for my choice of wording on your avian experience... Must've been a Freudian Slip. I'll correct it right away.

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