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    I took this today, and LOVE it!!!
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    I've got an account over at SmugMug, where I store all my photos. It's an awesome site, and I love it. Our site is at I plan on setting up a subscription service, much like I do here, so that emails will automatically go out when I update photos. I'll be using FeedBurner to do so.

    In the meanwhile, until that's all set up, I'm throwing a few links up here to my updated/new galleries.

    2008-08-21 - Tyler's First Zoo Trip
    I was out of town, in Peoria, IL, for business. Sarah's friend, Mel, called Sarah to say that her and Ben (Mel's son) were going to the Fort Wayne Zoo. Of course, she invited Sarah and Tyler along, so they went. Tyler's first trip to the zoo, and I miss it *me shakes head* . It's ok though, I'll be there next time.

    2008-08-23 - 28th Street Metro Cruise
    Sarah's Dad, Mike, invited me to come with him to a car show/cruise up in Grand Rapids, MI. He owns a 1980 Fiat Spider, and Sarah's mom has a 1978 Fiat Spider (but she wasn't coming to the show). He wanted to bring both Fiats, so I drove one. The pictures were of all the Italian cars (read: Fiats) that gathered in front of an Italian Restaurant.
    New Pictures of Tyler
    Just pictures that we take here and then of our little prince. The link will take you to his August gallery, but it'll start you out on the first of the updated photos.
    Just some random pictures I've taken in August. Pictures of our new driveway, a grasshopper, etc. There's also a couple AWESOME pictures of Delilah (like the one displayed above, and this one). This link will start you on the first of the updated photos.
    All pictures uploaded today
    If you don't want to look at the pictures organized like they are above, and just want to see everything that I uploaded today.

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