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    Look who's blogging too

    My blogging agenda was interrupted tonight, but I have no complaints with that. Why, you ask? Well, because my wife decided she wanted her own blogspot/blogger account. Any time Sarah shows an interest in technology or the internet, I get very excited. I offered to just add her as an author to my account. Kinda like a "guest poster" or something. See, we don't really know how often she'll be blogging, and it seemed easier to do it that way.

    "But I want mine to be purple", she replied.


    So, I set up an account for her and spent the next few hours hacking away at the code to get it *just right*. The themes that come with blogspot/blogger are ok, I guess. And they do allow a certain level of easy color modifying. But there were some major code rewrites that I had to make in order to get it to how I liked it. Then, I had to add a bunch of variables so that Sarah can semi-easily go in and adjust the colors/borders, if she sees the need for it. She tends to like my choices, but it is her blog, afterall.

    I present to you... Sarah's blog, "Because I Said So". I've also added it to my "Required Reading" on the right hand pane, under the most recent photos. Look to the right, and scroll around if you don't see it.

    Check it out... she's not as awesome as I am, but she's gosh-darned close ;)

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