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    Semi-Wordless Thursday??

    Ok, ok, ok... I totally missed "Wordless Wednesday" yesterday. Forgive me? So, how about I have a semi-wordless Thursday? It doesn't have the same ring to it, but here's what I propose. Instead of having a photo with no words... how about I use this as an excuse to post 3 videos???

    Storytime with Tyler

    Talking with Tyler

    Roly Poly, Inch Worm


    holly* said...

    ACK! too cute! i want one. erm another one. can i borrow yours for a bit?

    Anonymous said...

    Great videos! He's not missing many meals is he? Zach was like that at that age as well!

    Erin & The Boys said...

    I haven't caught up with all of your entries yet... but just letting you know that I am following! You do such a great job... they are really fun to read.

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