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    Wall Climbing

    Only eight months old, and Tyler’s already wall climbing…



    There is a walking path near our house. We like taking it because we can let Delilah off her leash to run around. With the unnaturally warm temperatures on Friday and Saturday, we capitalized on the situation. At the end of the path, the city is building around eight to twelve baseball diamonds. They also have a very nice playground, and that’s where we went.


    Tyler played on the swings.


    He went on the slides.


    He teeter-tottered.


    And he even went rock climbing.


    He loved his daddy.


    We did lots of other things there too.


    Joe said...

    Before anyone goes bonkers here... The first picture is a fake. I took a picture of just the wall. Then I had Sarah hold Tyler on the wall and took a second picture. I put them both in PhotoShop and erased Sarah from the shot.

    hollystar said...

    aw. sounds like a good day! much better than the caddiness i endured with husband.

    ps. awesome shop. i couldnt even tell. :)

    Erika said...

    Your blog is fun to hear about what's going on with that adorable boy and wife of yours! I look forward to reading more!

    Lauren said...

    That's great photoshopping! It looks a little freakish for an 8 month old to be holding on like that! LOL!!

    Schmutzie said...

    You are being featured on Intrepid Tuesday!

    Sarah said...

    YOU. ROCK.

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