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    Christmas in November

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    My parents came down to visit the weekend before Thanksgiving. Since they already made plans for Turkey day, and we were hosting a dinner as well, we decided on the weekend before to meet up. They hadn't yet met Tyler, so we were all very excited. Sarah made a pseudo-Thanksgiving meal, which included turkey-meatloaf, smashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. It was delicious. To be honest, I was nervous about turkey-meatloaf, but it was very, very good.

    My parents bought Tyler some clothes, toys (which he appears to love), and a bouncer when they came down. The only wrapping paper they had was Christmas themed. But Tyler is five months old, so he wouldn't notice. Plus, he wouldn't care if he did. We didn't care, because it's just paper that's going to get destroyed anyway, right?

    Tyler was more than eager to get his hands on the presents. We had to help him by tearing the corner of the paper. But as soon as he saw the paper sticking out, he couldn't wait to get his hands on it. Tyler thoroughly enjoyed the ripping sound of the paper. He also seemed to enjoy the way the paper tasted, because he kept cramming it in his mouth.

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    The pièce de résistance of the weekend was on that Sunday. It's actually probably the opposite of "pièce de résistance", but here's the story anyway. We went to breakfast at Ryan's, which is a buffet style restaurant. It was my first time there, and the food was very good. We let my parents feed Tyler a little bit of ice cream, which we immediately followed with Mylacon drops. And that was when I watched as a woman sneezed into her hand. Common sense, and common-freaking-courtesy would tell you to use your other hand, you know... the CLEAN one, to grab your food. Or maybe go clean your *bleep*ing hands! Not this woman. She switched hands for a second, which was a great relief to me, but promptly switched back to her germ-infested hand to grab food. I think I came down with the flu, or leprosy, or some other terminal illness just from watching her do that.

    So, that was Tyler's Christmas in November. New clothes, new toys, new grandparents, and ice cream. I'm looking forward to Tyler having his first Christmas, but he doesn't really know what's going on. Because of this, I told Sarah that we should just get him some empty boxes. He won't know that we're cheaping out on him, and all little boys love empty boxes. It's a win/win situation. And here's the photographic proof to back my claims.

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    Sarah whole-heartedly disagrees with me. So we went Christmas shopping for Tyler this week, taking him with us. Not that we have much choice in the matter, though. But it felt weird that we were buying gifts for someone who was with us. To top it off, we were letting him play with the toys at the store, so that we could be sure that he would like them. I want it noted, though, that I think plain ole cardboard boxes will be just as much fun as a spinning toy that lights up and makes funny noises.


    holly* said...

    the very last photo needs and "om nom nom"

    i remember doing letting tyler play with presents so i would know if he liked them... i can still get away with talking about gifts in front of our tyler, but i dont dare show him.

    Erin & The Boys said...

    Isn't it amazing how babies and kids are drawn to boxes? Or anything made of cardboard for that matter. I can give my boys the cardboard from an empty papertowel roll and, oh boy! They are transformed into pirates looking for treasure through a telescope... or use it as a megaphone. It's the simple pleasures in life!

    A Free Man said...

    The box is definitely better. But you get called cheap if you suggest just giving the kid packing material as a present. Trust me. You also get called a grouch if you point out the obvious fact that they don't know what's going on at Christmas. Trust me. I know. ;)

    Sarah said...

    I just can't believe that at 5 months old and no prior knowledge, Tyler somehow figured out how to rip the paper off the presents! It was awesome.

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