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    Stunts, lies, and rolls

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    We spent this past weekend at Mel and Ad's cottage. It's about a block from a lake. The basic agenda was to sit around, play at the beach, go out on the boat, go tubing and go skiing. We stuck pretty well to that plan.

    I rarely get in the water. This is due to an unnatural fear of water/swimming that I have. When I was much younger (I dunno, 6 years old maybe), my dad decided he was going to teach me how to swim. We were at a beach. He was supporting my body by having both of his hands under the water with me lying on top of them. I was extremely nervous at the time. I remember, very clearly, telling him to not let go. He said, and I quote, "I won't let go."

    He let go.

    No warning, no easing his hands away. Suddenly, the support was gone, and I was going under. As a very young, impressionable, child, I quickly fell into a blood-chilling panic.

    For about the next 18 years, I wouldn't go into water any deeper than my waist. I worked up the courage to go to my neck.

    3 years ago, we were hanging with Mel and Ad on their boat. Of course, the pressure was on me (again) to get into the water. I somehow found the strength to put on a life jacket and go to the edge of the boat. Adam tells me to just step off. The then GUARANTEES me that my head would not go under the water. After another 3 or 5 minutes of worrying and just standing there... I step off...

    And go under the water. @$$%*&#

    That quickly led to me going tubing and having a BLAST. This year, I actually got up on skis and did pretty well. I wouldn't dare get in the water (if it's over my head) without a life jacket, but I'm making progress. I also went tubing while facing backwards on the tube (Adam's idea) and it was a friggin' riot!

    I don't want Tyler to think his daddy's a wuss-monger or anything, so I may have adjusted the truth a little bit. I scooped him up in my arms and told him about my death-defying stunts. I told him about the flips I was doing, and about catching about 15 foot of air on a jump. I felt a tinge of guilt as I told him my modified story. I'll have to make sure to delete this post when he learns to read.

    Now for a totally unrelated topic. Today finds me in Peoria, Illinois, sitting in a Holiday Inn hotel room. I was asked to come out so that I can demonstrate some stuff for bunch of people tomorrow... blah blah blah, work stuff. It was about 6 hours of driving. Fun times. Well, yesterday, I picked up a new GPS. I got the Garmin nuvi 205. Aside from telling me how to get from point A to point B, it also can store photos and display a slideshow. FINALLY, I can look at pics while I'm driving all over the place.

    Well, while I was driving on the toll road, I turned on the slideshow to check it out. Up comes a picture of Tyler on the day he was born (7 weeks ago). He was born at 10 pounds 2 ounces, which is pretty frickin big. Looking at the picture, though, I couldn't help but think of how SMALL he looked. He looks tiny, even though he looked gigantor at the time.

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    I certainly don't remember him growing, but he seems to have done it anyway. I don't think I'm a fan of this. It's happening way too fast. The boy weighs 15 pounds now, and isn't even 2 months old. Our dreams of him becoming a University of Michigan kicker, then an NFL kicker are turning into dreams of him becoming a UofM linebacker, then an NFL linebacker. I'm sure he'll eventually grow into all his extra rolls and extra necks and extra chins though... right?

    Look at him... he's got moobs (sometimes lovingly referred to as man-boobs, or chesticles)


    Anonymous said...

    Despite my paranoia about Z becoming a fatty, I wouldn't worry to much about your Tyler. They kind of plump out and then get taller (longer?) and repeat.

    It'll be fine.

    holly* said...

    you cant swim?
    *points finger and laughs hysterically!*

    y'alls tyler is too freakin cute! that belly. i want to give him raspberries! and you think he looks big now. give it a few years and he'll be HUGE. our tyler used to take up less than a couch cushion. (bah! who needs a height chart when you can measure by couch cushion?) and now he takes up like half the couch! and i have to report that, in most kids, the bellies kinda go away along with the fat rolls on the thighs. our tyler has slimmed up pretty much, but still has a little round belly when he's particularly full (theory???) and the best pinching cheeks on the west coast. i now know why old ladies pinch kids' cheeks!!!

    Joanna said...

    Just think about it this way... DJ is just barely heavier than Ty was when he was born... think about how small that was on birth day! LOL BTW- I meant to ask before... how long is Ty now?? He looks like he's getting big! It's hard to tell when you see them lots, but easy when it's from afar!

    Mike said...

    I look at old photos of Maddie and think "Who is THAT kid?" They change so kid is nearly ten months and not quite 13 pounds! Your dude is at 15 already? Wow! (FYI to people out girl was a premie)

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